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Socialism Won’t Win in Brooklyn, Iowa

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The Real Estate Tycoon Meets Iran

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As Bad As Citizens United

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The Lonely World of Justin Amash

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An Uncertain View from Israel

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A Tale of Two Trumps

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Back to School with Steve Israel

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Mania at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

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A Father and Son Unite the Nation

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The road forward for Democrats


Oct 172018

A Midterm Wave? Maybe It’s a ‘Cyclone’

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Michael Avenatti, please go away

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Understanding Joe Manchin

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America is Waging a Civic War

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Steve Israel joins Morning Joe

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A Firearm on Every Hip

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Requiem for the Republican Party

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The Age of the Downloadable Gun Begins

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Why U.S.-South Korea war games must continue

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May 242018

Clues to My Crime: Big Guns

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Steve Israel & Kirk Wallace Johnson

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Big Guns on C-SPAN


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What to Read in April

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US and Israel face a new future in Washington

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This is your brain on Trump

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Dec 092017

Trump is right on Jerusalem

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Democracy on Wry, Hold The Mayo

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Nothing Will Change After the Las Vegas Shooting

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How Well Do We Know Kim Jong Un?

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Trump, the deflector-in-chief


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Congress and the Western Wall

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US and Israel relations beyond partisanship

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An Attack on Congress and Baseball

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My Night in Town Hall Hell

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What We Saw as Trump Took Office

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Steve Israel: Confessions of a Congressman

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LI pol packs a punchline


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Lawmaker’s Novel Sends Up the War on Terror

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